OK, you’ve got the basics under your belt. You know how to talk about what your firm does in a way that invites your ideal client to respond.

But you aren’t having enough of those conversations!

We all love it when our network introduces us to a potential client, or when a client moves from one company to another. Those leads are money in the bank. 

But if you need more business how do you make more referrals? 

You’ve tried pumping out more and more content, maybe spent money on a bunch of Google or social ads, but that has not brought in folks that match your ideal client profile. 

Where’s the gas pedal for your business development machine?

How do you take your message to your target audience in a way that gets you into more conversations where people can make decisions to buy? Because when you get talking to ideal clients a lot of them buy, right?

If you want to grow your business at a dependable, predictable rate you need to have some form of an outreach strategy. You need a mechanism, that you can practice every day or week, that creates conversations with your ideal clients. 

I’m not talking about “cold calls,” and I’m not talking about sending a million spammy emails. 

I’ve found a way to reach out to people who match my ideal client profile that I feel 100% comfortable doing, and that I would respond to if the outreach were directed at me

I’ve created a short online course to help you to build your outreach system, without being spammy. You will:

  • Get set up on the world’s #1 business network so that you will be seen more often.
  • How to find a list of your ideal clients that you can reach out to!
  • Conversations you can start with those clients that they want to engage in. 
  • Ways to attract the right prospects that will have them looking for more from you. 
  • How to transition them from the network to a phone call so you can start to sell.

It won’t take long to complete the course, just 6 – 10 hours for most people. When you’ll be done you’ll have a complete playbook for doing outreach to your ideal clients.