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Tiered Pricing – Pros and Cons and How to Implement It

Putting ‘Good, Better, Best’ Pricing into Action How much more profitable could your business be if you could sell your services at higher prices? The answer is way more profitable, right?  Tiered pricing could be the answer to this conundrum. The strategy is successful for many reasons. It’s a great way to raise prices without losing customers. You may have even been ‘tiered priced’ without even knowing it. In this article, you’ll learn how tiered pricing could help you sell your services at higher prices to your customers – and a few tactics to help you achieve this. What is tiered … Continue Reading »

The secret to filling your new business pipeline: Outreach

The sales funnel is a useful concept for helping us visualize the journey that a prospect makes toward becoming a customer. But the idea of the “funnel” makes the process seem more predictable than most of us find in practice! Just because someone is in your funnel doesn’t mean that they will buy, or even that some percentage of them are going to buy this month! What can we control about our funnel, and what can’t we control? YOU CAN’T CONTROL WHO’S GOING TO BUY Obviously, not everyone buys. In fact, some folks you think are a slam dunk will never buy, and some long-shots will … Continue Reading »

Are You Offering Flavorful French Cuisine or Serving a Boring McBurger?

Consider the role of French cooking. The techniques and recipes of the French chef have changed the way the world dines. Chefs from all corners of the world travel to France to learn from the masters there. Yes, French chefs know how to make outstanding meals, but they can’t do it without the freshest, most flavorful ingredients - deep green asparagus; perfectly marbled tenderloin; highly aromatic herbs. They create meals that delight all of the senses.  No one learns French cooking overnight. It takes years to hone the techniques, and French chefs have been building and perfecting their … Continue Reading »