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Online alternatives to Vistage

“It’s lonely at the top” is a common expression for good reason — for CEOs, it’s especially true. Sure, you’re surrounded by people and if you’re fortunate — good people. But who do you talk to when you need someone with a similar perspective as you?  Family is unlikely to fully understand the intricacies of your industry and might not even know what it is you do all day. Employed friends might throw shade your way saying a version of, “Oh, please tell me how hard it is to be your own boss.” Neither camps truly get the unique pressures you face as a founder. People who haven’t walked in … Continue Reading »

Knowing your “stage of growth” to maximize your business success

When you’re deep in the day-to-day of your own business, you might be surprised to find that most B2B service businesses follow the same “lifecycle.” Including yours!  Recognizing this is the first step toward reaching your next level of success. Because it means you can follow a blueprint of what other business owners before you have done to find their fortune.  It begins with pinpointing exactly where your business is currently in the lifecycle of a business. In other words, what stage of growth your business is in. What are the stages of growth?  There are four stages of growth that … Continue Reading »

How to avoid burnout as a business owner

I could tell he didn’t want to sell his company. My client had supposedly called me to talk about selling. But right away, it was clear that something else was going on. You see, his business was doing great—it had grown bigger than he’d ever dreamed. The real problem was he was exhausted. I glanced over at his computer and peeked at his calendar. All-day, every day, he was booked in meetings! On a hunch, I asked him, “What got you into this business in the first place?” He got this far off stare and told me about his love for crafting narratives. That’s what his business does—they … Continue Reading »