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- accountability
- make better decisions
- and grow your business


To get to $1M, it took scrappiness, hustle, and hardwork.

But that doesn’t scale well!

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Team Feedback – It’s a Fundamental Part of a Leader’s Confidence

How to Get Feedback from Your Team Feedback is an essential part of leadership. Giving feedback is essential to develop individuals and teams, and to boost their performance. However, many leaders (especially those with little leadership experience) tend to forget the importance of receiving feedback. I’ve seen this a lot with my clients. As you build and scale a creative agency, the pressure is on to ensure your people are doing their best work for your clients. That pressure often leads to a one-way street of feedback. In the short term, this serves the purpose intended: your team … Continue Reading »

The Practical Guide to Building Confidence as a Leader

How to Be a More Confident Leader When you own a creative agency, never underestimate the importance of self-confidence in leadership. Your business success is founded on building your confidence as a leader. You see, self-confidence is the keystone that allows your leadership to flourish. When you feel confident, the confidence levels of your team will improve. I recently read an article by Francisco Dao in, in which he eloquently explains why confidence is the number one of leadership qualities: ‘Self-confidence is the fundamental basis from which leadership grows. Trying to … Continue Reading »

Why Businesses Stop Growing: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Your Creative Agency

Don’t Let Your Growth Stall The process of scaling a company is not easy. Scaling your creative agency can be even more difficult. There are many common mistakes that people make when scaling their business and these can lead to stagnation of growth – or, in the most serious cases, business failure. This article outlines the mistakes that stifle growth, and which are commonly made by owners of creative agencies. We also share tips to help you avoid making the same mistakes. “Why isn’t my business growing?” One of the most common questions we encounter from … Continue Reading »