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To get to $1M, it took scrappiness, hustle, and hardwork.

But that doesn’t scale well!

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Don’t Let It Go to Your Head: The Difference Between Self-Confidence and Overconfidence in Leadership

The Signs of Overconfidence and How to Combat It A good leader is confident in themselves and what they do. They take risks and lead by example. They inspire and influence.  Confident leaders are more likely to be successful. But it is important to know where to draw the line. Are you letting your confidence go to your head? The problem with being an overconfident leader The overconfident leader is someone who overestimates their own skills and capacity to lead. They rate themselves at a higher level than they deserve to be. This is known as the Dunning-Kruger effect: a phenomenon in … Continue Reading »

How Can You Train Your Clients To Give You Better Feedback?

7 Simple Strategies to Motivate Exceptional Feedback Getting feedback from customers is arguably one of the most important aspects of being an owner of a creative agency. Feedback from clients can help you to understand your business’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s the best way to know what your clients prefer and dislike about a service or product. It can help improve their experience with the company and even generate more sales. You know this, though, don’t you? Then why is it that a Gallup study found two-thirds of employees have direct customer contact every day but … Continue Reading »

Team Feedback – It’s a Fundamental Part of a Leader’s Confidence

How to Get Feedback from Your Team Feedback is an essential part of leadership. Giving feedback is essential to develop individuals and teams, and to boost their performance. However, many leaders (especially those with little leadership experience) tend to forget the importance of receiving feedback. I’ve seen this a lot with my clients. As you build and scale a creative agency, the pressure is on to ensure your people are doing their best work for your clients. That pressure often leads to a one-way street of feedback. In the short term, this serves the purpose intended: your team … Continue Reading »