Leadership Development for Agency Founders

Helping you become who you need to be
in order to lead the agency you aspire to grow. 

Give me a lever and a place to stand, and I will move the earth.

~ Archimedes

As an agency founder, you’ve built a lot of leverage. 

Your team can take on projects, create change in the world, and earn money in a way that you could never accomplish alone. 

But, as your team has grown, it’s also challenged you in new ways. Instead of experiencing the power of leverage, you experience stress and uncertainty.

Your decisions and responses have real consequences for you and your whole team, and that adds weight to everything.

When I work with leaders like you, we don’t just answer tactical questions. We create a firm place to stand.

  • Instead of calculating a marketing budget, we uncover values around serving a marketplace.
  • We don’t just fire problem employees and move on, we define accountability and develop solid agreements.
  • Sure, we may review sales calls or new business pitches, but mostly to see what inspires you and how we can harness that energy.

Our work together will build a solid place to stand, so you can experience the power of leverage. 

When you’re standing on solid ground, answers to the tactical questions become clear. Instead of experiencing uncertainty, your solid footing gives you the leverage to move the earth. 

“You can only grow your business as big as you grow yourself.” 

~ Julia Pimsleur

What stage of growth
are you in?

As your business grows you as the leader face different challenges and are invited to grow in different ways.

This 10-question assessment will show you where you are in your growth journey and provide you with some tangible next steps to advance your growth.

How we work


1-2-1 coaching is about growing your capacity to lead, learning to take better care of your business and better care of yourself. 

Mastermind Group

Working with a group of peers can provide a powerful mirror to more clearly see the right next thing to do, and to do it!


If you are successful at achieving growth you are going to need to hire to grow your team.

We can help.


What our clients say

“Brad is a supremely skilled listener, able to cajole or nudge in the exact way you need, at the exact time you need it. Working with Brad is deep, emotional, humbling, constructive, and a whole lot of fun.”
Brian Burkhart
Founder & Chief Word Guy,
SquarePlanet Presentations & Strategy
“This experience has been truly transformational for our business. Brad and Anchor Advisors brought us the clarity and prioritization we needed in order to grow.”
Taylorr Payne
CEO & Co-Founder, Speakerflow
“I would recommend Brad to anyone who truly wants to drive positive change and growth, and I’d bet my future on it. Over and over again.”
Brooke Foley
CEO/Agent of Intrigue, Jayne Agency
“Brad has helped me continue to grow my capacity. This has helped us expand our leadership team and grow our company in a very positive way.”
Taylor Cimala
President, Digital Third Coast