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Small Business Hiring Process: 4 fool-proof steps to make your hiring process more successful

I have listened to hundreds of business owners, and managers tell their hiring horror stories. One manager confided in me “of the hundreds of people I have hired, I can count my good hires on one hand.” An executive shared with me that he has given up trying to hire people and now he just hires a lot of people—believing that the bad ones will eventually be terminated, leaving only good employees. I remember asking a former boss how he hired people, and he told me, “you can never really know who you’ve hired until they’ve worked here for a few months. Every new hire is a crapshoot.” You can … Continue Reading »

“Is this your best work?”

I recently read a story about an editor who worked on a book manuscript. She finished editing it and turned it in to the publisher, who paid her the agreed-upon fee. Later she found out that the publisher chose not to publish the book and she was crestfallen. “All that work for nothing,” she said. But of course it wasn’t for nothing; she got paid her normal fee. So why was she so disappointed? I bet this very situation plays itself out in your business, too. Maybe you don’t publish books, but I’ll bet your team members write reports, develop presentations or proposals and turn them into you … Continue Reading »

Why is my business growth stuck? Natural barriers to growth in the business lifecycle.

Just like children, businesses grow through predictable phases. We start life as baby startups, then progress to raging growth companies, before settling into a more stable “adult” phase. But as we cross each of those growth stages things change -- and if we don't change with them our growth can get stuck. Here’s my version of this story (based mainly on the growth of B2B service businesses). Baby startup Once upon a time, you had an idea. It wasn’t your first idea, you’ve had many business ideas, but this one came at a time when you were feeling particularly frustrated (or desperate) and … Continue Reading »