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To get to $1M, it took scrappiness, hustle, and hardwork.

But that doesn’t scale well!

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Are You Offering Flavorful French Cuisine or Serving a Boring McBurger?

Consider the role of French cooking. The techniques and recipes of the French chef have changed the way the world dines. Chefs from all corners of the world travel to France to learn from the masters there. Yes, French chefs know how to make outstanding meals, but they can’t do it without the freshest, most flavorful ingredients - deep green asparagus; perfectly marbled tenderloin; highly aromatic herbs. They create meals that delight all of the senses.  No one learns French cooking overnight. It takes years to hone the techniques, and French chefs have been building and perfecting their … Continue Reading »

Riding the Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship in the Genius Zone

Being an entrepreneur might sound like a glamorous and lucrative career, but the reality is that entrepreneurship is more of a roller coaster ride. If you aren’t expecting the ups and downs, then you aren’t prepared for the experience.  Running my own business has been nothing less than some of the best experiences of my life, along with some of the worst. And, unlike a real roller coaster at an amusement park, I haven’t been able to predict when those highs and lows will occur.  I’ve won big deals, then lost them. I’ve hired an employee who seemed like the perfect person for my … Continue Reading »

How to reduce your client’s risk, when everything is risky

In 2020, we are living in a time when ambient risks have skyrocketed. The economic risks, social risks, and public health risks are massively higher than they were last year. This includes the risk of hiring a professional services firm. People hire these experts to reduce their risk of negative outcomes. For example: I could draft my own contract, but if I hire an attorney to do it, I have more confidence that I can enforce the contract.  I could design my own website, but if I hire a web design company, I believe it will be easier to navigate, get higher search rankings, and … Continue Reading »