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7 signs that you may be headed for business owner burnout

The stereotype of a business owner is the ever optimistic ball of energy who’s working hard, playing hard and enjoying life; and I meet a fair number of business owners who fit that stereotype. Over the last couple of years though I’ve noticed that a growing number of the folks I’m meeting fit in a different category. They are still optimistic and full of ideas, but their energy is more muted, sometimes edgy. As I talk to them I notice that they’ve been fighting and clawing to get their business going for a number of years, and though they don’t really think about it—they’re tired—maybe even … Continue Reading »

To-do or To-be

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ~Abraham Lincoln. It’s likely that every person reading this email has some kind of system for managing their “to-do” list. On my computer I can identify at least 4 pieces of software that I’ve used at one time or another to track my to-dos and help me stay focused on “doing” the right things. Currently, I’m a Todoist fan FWIW. Yet I’ve never seen a gravestone inscribed with anyone’s checked off to-do list. Oh, I know some folks who try to turn their to-do list into some … Continue Reading »

How to generate leads

One of the most critical success factors for your business is to generate leads. When a business can successfully and reliably generate leads then it makes the whole business run better. You are not temped to take on work that isn’t right for you (because you know you can generate leads for better work), you aren’t tempted to discount your price (because you can generate leads that will pay your price), you can sell with confidence knowing you don’t need every lead to close... When you can generate leads at will then you can choose when to grow and when to slow down. So the ability to … Continue Reading »