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How to hire a virtual assistant for your business

I clearly remember the moment I decided to hire a virtual assistant (VA). As my business started growing, I realized that more clients meant more work to get done! Pretty soon, I was so busy that I was missing emails and failing to get back to people because I just never had the time. I knew this couldn’t continue—so I tracked my time for a week or two, hoping to get some insight on where all my hours were going.  Looking at my time log, I discovered that I was spending eight hours a week just scheduling meetings with people. Worse, I hated it. All those back and forth emails. Then once I … Continue Reading »

7 Chicago Small Business Consulting Firms That Can Fuel Your Success

Running a business is so rewarding, but it can also be tremendously stressful and lonely. Business owners get so caught up in the day-to-day of the business that we struggle to see the big picture. We’re not sure why sales have stagnated, why we can’t seem to take a vacation, why we’re still second-guessing every decision, or why things just aren’t progressing as they should. That’s where getting some outside advice and input makes all the difference. Consultants can help you see what’s going right and what’s going wrong and give you personalized solutions to fix it.  But even once … Continue Reading »

Small Business Hiring Process: 4 fool-proof steps to make your hiring process more successful

I have listened to hundreds of business owners, and managers tell their hiring horror stories. One manager confided in me “of the hundreds of people I have hired, I can count my good hires on one hand.” An executive shared with me that he has given up trying to hire people and now he just hires a lot of people—believing that the bad ones will eventually be terminated, leaving only good employees. I remember asking a former boss how he hired people, and he told me, “you can never really know who you’ve hired until they’ve worked here for a few months. Every new hire is a crapshoot.” You can … Continue Reading »