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Developing Your Market Positioning Strategy

Give Your Marketing Strategy a Solid Foundation How do you create strong brand positioning in your market? By developing a market positioning strategy. Marketing strategy can be intimidating. You understand sales, of course. But marketing? Why do you do it, and what’s it really for? And how do you write a positioning statement? Why you need marketing Marketing is one of the most powerful tools your business has. In the long term, it determines your success. It creates awareness, boosts reputation, and helps to develop and maintain demand.  Marketing informs your customers about … Continue Reading »

How to Specialize Your Agency

How to Unlock the Advantages of Specialization in a Service Firm In the start-up world, there’s an obsession with finding your product-market fit -- that point where you find the right mix of features, benefits, pricing, and marketing messages that capture the needs and desires of your target market in a way that makes them come toward you, that makes closing deals easy.  It sounds like a miracle, but I’ve seen it happen for creative agencies and service firms too. When they start out, they build some momentum, but then growth stalls. Some agency owners keep grinding on … Continue Reading »

The Market Segmentation Process for Agencies: Strategies for Success

Like an Orange, Your Market Is Full of Juicy Segments When you see a marketing message that feels like it’s written directly to you, you are experiencing the value of Market Segmentation.  When you segment your market, you can create messages and offers that are more targeted. As a result, people will respond more, your lead attrition will be lower, and the amount of work and effort you and your team have to do to land the sale will shrink. In short, segmentation is key to achieving your full potential of growth and profitability. In this article, we look at a few of the many … Continue Reading »