Articles on Strategic Planning

Uniting Your Team, Charting your Future

As a leader, it’s your job to define your agency’s future. 

To do that, you need a point of view about what’s happening in the market you serve. What threats are out there? What are the opportunities? You need to be able to predict the problems your clients are likely to encounter in the future and be ready to solve them when they arise.

Sounds a little bit like fortune telling, doesn’t it? Or maybe like trying to hit a frisbee with another frisbee in mid-air? 

Well, you’re not far off. Strategic planning involves a little bit of future-telling and agility and a lot of teamwork; it’s the process by which your team unites around a common vision. That shared vision will help you chart your agency’s future. 

If you’re ready to learn more about strategic planning, including all the nitty-gritty “how-to” stuff, you’re in the right place.



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