About Stacy French Reynolds

Nonprofit Expertise + Masterful Facilitation

Stacy French Reynolds helps great organizations become even better. She’s an expert facilitator who loves creating generative conversations and gets a charge out of helping leaders step away from day-to-day operations and reconnect to their purpose. Stacy has served as an Anchor Advisors Partner since 2009.

As an advisor and facilitator, Stacy accompanies human-benefit organizations through strategic planning processes designed to reignite and rediscover; creating forward momentum is always her goal.

After more than 15 years in the nonprofit sector, Stacy left full-time fundraising and started consulting. As a successful fundraiser, she discovered that, while money can solve lots of problems, there are plenty of challenges money alone can’t solve. For organizations to fulfill their mission, they need capital, yes, but they also need clarity and alignment.

So much of her work is about listening, asking good questions, and synthesizing what she hears. She helps her clients clarify their purpose and trajectory so that their strategic plan matches their vision and culture – her clients own their plans. In a complicated and loud world, Stacy works with nonprofit leaders and board members to clarify their mission and vision, strategize about their future, reach fundraising goals, and find the right leadership.

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