Recruiting Services for Agencies

Congratulations, your agency is growing! Of course, that means now you have another responsibility. Bringing in new talent. 

Maybe you don’t have the time or resources to recruit new employees. You need people now, and this hiring thing is a lot of work. 

Or, maybe you’ve been burned in the past and feel nervous that–without a little support–you’ll hire the wrong person. Again. 

Either way, we can help.

Anchor Advisors offers affordable, effective recruiting services. Using a state-of-the-art resume collection and screening system, we can quickly identify candidates for nearly any position at less than half the cost of a traditional recruiter.

Here’s what you can expect from Anchor Advisors’ Candidate Sourcing Services:

  1. We interview the agency founder to learn about the job requirements and traits of a qualified candidate.
  2. We write the job description.
  3. We create a job posting that appeals to the target candidate audience and conveys the necessary job requirements.
  4. We market the position through free job boards or paid advertising (advertising fees billed at cost) to obtain a rich candidate pool.
  5. We screen candidates to ensure they are qualified, presentable, and a good fit for your company.
  6. We present a list of candidates for the agency owner to interview. Should the agency fail to hire from the first slate, we will continue screening to produce a second slate at no additional charge.
  7. We check references as needed and provide comprehensive background checks for an additional cost.

Our recruiters do the job quickly and thoroughly using state-of-the-art processes for exceptional results. Contact us for more information.

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What our clients say

Now, having been through what a hiring process should be with Anchor Advisors, I see how vital hiring is to my business. Instead of finding fault with people after you hire them, you can find their faults before you hire them.
Mary Cook
Mary Cook & Associates
Brad is very knowledgeable and deeply understands the service sector, business finance, and management consulting. His broad experience and expert advice were very helpful to me in growing my company from 8 people to 25 people in just under 2 years.
Wendy White
Siren Interactive
“It was the least painful recruiting experience I’ve ever had. The Web tools they use allow you to pre-screen the candidates. The Anchor Advisors team can look at the applications and make notes for me about particular candidates. It was great to have an independent perspective.”