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Figure out who you are, then tell the world

A well-positioned firm is clear about who they are for and what difference they make in the world; their ideal client sees and feels this immediately. 

When you’re clear about the services you offer, who you offer them to, and why that matters – you won’t be the right firm for a lot of people. But for the clients for whom your services are well-aligned, they’re really well aligned. You are their people! For these clients, your positioning has a magnetic pull that draws them in. 

And for everyone else who isn’t part of the industry in which you specialize or doesn’t have the problem that you’re an expert at solving, they were never going to buy your services anyway (or if they did, it’s unlikely they’d be a profitable client). You’re just making it crystal clear so that everyone can move on. 

With less noise, you’ll close more of the work you want, so that you can focus on creating a bigger impact.


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