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Community is better than control

A small business is the sum of its people, not the sum of its parts. ~ Jill Salzman Small business ownership can make the best of us act a little weird. Put any normal person into a situation where there are lots of terrible things that can happen (many of which can get you sued, or worse), and where most of those “things” are in areas where you have no real knowledge or training (and neither does anyone who works for you) and see how they respond. Yeah, it can make you a little paranoid; a little controlling even. But owning a business also puts you into a bind. Either you keep your … Continue Reading »

How to grow your business (sooner or later)

Almost everybody wants their business to grow; and if you want your business to grow you are likely working hard. For some companies that success comes right away; first some good clients, then some more, then… For others it comes more slowly—sometimes excruciatingly slowly. This can be a huge challenge. We live in an “instant” world. If something isn’t growing immediately—if we can’t see how it’s "blowing up”— then maybe we should just move on. Even if your business is growing (and especially if it’s growing more slowly) you are likely full of questions. What do I do? Do I give up? … Continue Reading »

How to thrive in uncertainty and change

So 2016 has been a pretty solid year for Chicago economically. A lot of new jobs are being created, and interest rates remain low. If you've tried to hire this year, you likely had a hard time finding the right candidates. But what do we see coming in 2017? How will the change in administrations, historically low interest rates, and global trade pressures affect the economy—and your business? Honestly, I don't have confidence in anyone's predictions for the year we have in front of us—but I do know that it's going to look nothing like 2016! We have a President Elect who was voted in to … Continue Reading »