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Where’s your focus?

I’m talking to my daughter about her research project, something that’s really important to her, but that I don’t totally understand. I want to listen carefully to see if I can make heads or tails of it. Suddenly I realized she’s stopped talking and I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t written an article for this month’s newsletter… Busted. Here I was trying to listen carefully to an important conversation when suddenly I realize that I’m a million miles away. How does that happen? Or I sit down to write an important proposal when I notice that an email has come in. I stop to check it, … Continue Reading »

Updating Marketing Strategies and Turning Around a Team

When the digital marketing age is moving faster than you and your team can adapt, how do you know what needs change in order to remain competitive? Paul Metz, Executive Vice President and Partner of C+R Research knew that their marketing strategy needed drastic updates as bigger and better projects were seemingly out of grasp. He knew they were missing critical pieces of the digital marketing puzzle that could take the firm to the next level, but wasn’t sure where to start. Challenge: Because C+R Research had earned a great reputation over its 50 year history they had survived and grown … Continue Reading »

You know they need to be fired, but you just don’t want to…

I had a client say something to me last week that stopped me in my tracks. She said: “The best time to fire someone is the first time you think of it. Once you’ve said to yourself, ‘I’m going to have to fire that person,’ it’s time to do it. That day!” When I heard her say that, I recalled all the times in my life when I’ve thought: "I’m going to have to fire that person”; and then I reviewed what happened next. The dread of doing their work After thinking “I’m going to have to fire that person,” my very next thought is “but if I do that, I’m going to have to do all their work". I … Continue Reading »