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My advice to this year’s graduates…

I just completed a week where I spent 8 hours sitting through commencement ceremonies. That’s not a typo. Two of my daughters graduated, and between both ceremonies I listened to a total of 4200 graduate names read. In other news, I’m sunburned. I also heard —— several times —— the clarion call to graduates, the charge to “change the world”, "make a difference”, and other such nonsense. It got me thinking. What advice would I want to give to this year’s high school and college graduates? Join me as I indulge this fantasy (and feel free to share your own thoughts for 2017 … Continue Reading »

Taming the Tide of Success | Marketing Agency Case Study

You’ve achieved almost everything you dreamed of... Things have really taken off in your business. You land new clients regularly, referrals are coming in, and your revenue is increasing. You’re able to hire and you lead a small team of talent to help manage your growing client base. Everything should be great! But reality sets in. Despite the increase in clients, your profit margins aren’t matching. You can’t afford to bring on more talent to help with the extra workload, but you can’t put it all on the team you have. So you work longer and longer days; twelve hours at the office … Continue Reading »

Where’s your focus?

I’m talking to my daughter about her research project, something that’s really important to her, but that I don’t totally understand. I want to listen carefully to see if I can make heads or tails of it. Suddenly I realized she’s stopped talking and I’ve been thinking about how I haven’t written an article for this month’s newsletter… Busted. Here I was trying to listen carefully to an important conversation when suddenly I realize that I’m a million miles away. How does that happen? Or I sit down to write an important proposal when I notice that an email has come in. I stop to check it, … Continue Reading »