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Small Business Hiring Success: Build a house you want to live in

Nothing ruins a business owner’s day more than having one of their key employees quit. Even if they are quitting for a good reason, it feels like a failure. Putting a team together is hard work, and this is a tear in the fabric of that team. As soon as we get over the loss of that key person, the reality sets in: who is going to do their work? Most likely me. UGH. So now I have extra work to do, I have a team to knit back together, and I have to conduct a hiring process too. It’s no wonder that I see business owners try to short cut the hiring process (again, and again, and…) It’s … Continue Reading »

Pushing Past Stagnation and Improving Revenue | Commercial Food Supply Case Study

“It’s been a loooong year.” As a business owner, does that sound like you? You’ve probably thought this after you realize that you’re ending the year exactly where you started. No matter what you try in order to grow your business, improve operations, or engage your team - everything goes wrong and your situation goes from bad to worse. What’s more, you don’t know why whatever you touch has the opposite effect of your goal. You focus on sales and then lose your current client roster. A new operations plan wreaks havoc on production. Nothing you think of works. What then? No matter … Continue Reading »

Crafting a price increase notice: 6 ways to tell your clients

To start, here's a little price increase notice sample. I then follow it up with 6 ways to how to tell clients you're raising your prices below: Dear John (your client's name is John, right?); How are you doing? We used to be so close. Lately there's been some distance between us; I just want to make sure that, from your end, everything is still good. I mean, the work we've done together has been nothing short of terrific. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your team! The challenges that your assignments provide have kept me at the top of my game; and you have … Continue Reading »