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You know they need to be fired, but you just don’t want to…

I had a client say something to me last week that stopped me in my tracks. She said: “The best time to fire someone is the first time you think of it. Once you’ve said to yourself, ‘I’m going to have to fire that person,’ it’s time to do it. That day!” When I heard her say that, I recalled all the times in my life when I’ve thought: "I’m going to have to fire that person”; and then I reviewed what happened next. The dread of doing their work After thinking “I’m going to have to fire that person,” my very next thought is “but if I do that, I’m going to have to do all their work". I … Continue Reading »

Grow your funnels to grow your business

Most business owners are familiar with their sales funnel—the accumulation of new business prospects that are in the process of choosing to buy from you (or not). The sales funnel is arguably the most important process that a growing business needs to track. How are we turning people who are “interested” in buying from us into people who are “actually” buying from us? (Or for bonus points, how do we apply our marketing efforts to people who are merely “interested" and turn them into buyers…?) The growth and success of your sales funnel drives the growth and success of your business. One … Continue Reading »

In a world of video, reading is still fundamental

I’m watching more, and more video. Video is engaging. It has personality. It fosters an easy sense of connection with people. Its a great way to learn AND be entertained. Podcasts are also great (hey, I’ve got one, how can I diss ’em?). I learn a lot from podcasts; and they’re so convenient. I can learn while I drive or workout! Videos and podcasts have some downsides though. I don’t always know what is going to be in them before I listen. Though I generally trust the creator behind them, I have found that the information delivered in these media is not always as relevant (or engaging) … Continue Reading »