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PROPOSALS…HUNH! YEAH! What are they good for?

(ACTUALLY? Not a whole lot.) I work with a lot of service firm owners and there’s one thing they all hate, and that’s writing proposals. They love meeting with prospects, identifying the problems the prospects are having, and talking about how they can help. But then they get back to their office and the work of actually writing the proposal is a grind. And it’s easy to see why when you look at the proposals themselves; they are (truly) works of ART! My clients will craft unique descriptions of the problem, then outline (step-by-painful-step) how their unique process™ will produce the … Continue Reading »

Your cash flow is only as dependable as your pipeline. | Agency Sales Pipeline Improvement Case Study

How many times have you looked at your pipeline and felt like you had the rest of the year "set" — yet 2 months later, you have a cashflow crisis. And, that cycle keeps repeating itself. What if you could actually reverse this cycle and make it DEPENDABLE cash flow that allows you to EMPOWER your pipeline? What if your pipeline dictated a constant thread of prospects that converted regularly into dependable cash flow so monthly (and annual) expectations were met. That is confident forecasting. Anchor Advisors consulted with Jayne Agency to: move from cash flow crisis to a … Continue Reading »

Replacing and Restructuring the Team | Textile Manufacturing Case Study

Growing your staff is not something you learn how to do in school. Most small business owners have to learn as they go. This is no easy feat and those first few hires are usually born out of necessity. When your company is growing, your hiring approach is to add staff as you have need. If you are having trouble getting brand recognition, you hire someone to do marketing. If you can’t keep up with orders, you bring on operations help. If you need more sales, you hire a salesperson. This is totally normal. But pretty soon your team is small group of people with a mash-up of different … Continue Reading »