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When—and how—to let your team make their own mistakes

I have two daughters in college. For each of them, their first choice college was different from the school I thought would be best for them. They were both able to articulate to me why they were in favor of their first choice, but I still disagreed. This is a big decision; there’s a lot of money involved, and the ramifications could potentially influence the rest of their lives. How much influence should I exert? Whose decision should win? One of my team members, who’s young, but smart and capable, comes to me with an approach and plan to deal with an issue that a client assigned to us. I … Continue Reading »

Your Business. Your Tribe.

When you join a workgroup, you are committing your welfare and your future to that group; the stakes are high enough that the potential for deeper meaning is there. There is the potential to grow a tribe. Think about it. What else would a tribe be? You spend the better part of the day with these people. Their performance (at least partially) determines your compensation, your status, and your satisfaction with your job. Nowhere is that more true than in a small business. When the pie is a small one, it’s hard for the best performer to get rewarded if the whole team isn’t performing. On the … Continue Reading »

Business Owners: 4 Ways To Fill Your Bucket Every Day

What a morning. I opened up my computer and found a pile of email that arrived overnight. No bonfires, luckily, but I know it’s going to take an hour just to look at them, never mind respond! My younger associate just stopped by to let me know she needs my attention. I know my family is mad because I yelled at the kids this morning (but if I’m going to drop them off they need to be ready on time!). There goes the phone. It’s a client in crisis. They need to talk NOW. Like I need client problems on top of all this! If you are a leader, your job is to give. To give direction that creates … Continue Reading »