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vulnerability of being a business owner

The vulnerability of being a business owner

In her wildly popular TED talk Brene Brown tells us that one of our deepest fears is vulnerability. We are afraid of the act of letting ourselves be seen. Yet, in order to start a company, we have to do just that. Not only do we have to let ourselves be seen, but, once we get into it, we find out that we are actually putting ourselves on display! What "sells" best (especially in professional services) is when you "sell" you. That's what people are buying. How anxious is that making you feel right now? I've been doing this for 15 years and I cringe just thinking about it. People are … Continue Reading »

what every business owner needs to practice

What EVERY Business Owner Needs To Practice This Summer

Ahh, to be young. I remember the summer I was 10 years old. It was the summer of all summers. My family was living in the San Francisco bay area, in a house that was just a short distance from what (in Chicago) is known as a forest preserve. That 165 acre park was my daily destination that summer. My friends and I would ride our bikes up there and spend hours playing in the creek; catching crayfish, building dams, looking at spider webs, and exploring old barns, or deer trails, or ... anything! Summer was not programmed; it was a wide open expanse of discovery, time with friends and being … Continue Reading »

5 things employees do that i hate website

5 things employees do that I hate

When you started your business it was just you. It was so simple. You were in control and it was easy to start making money (or, easy enough). But then you wanted to go on vacation. And you wanted to take on more work (so you could make more money), and so you hired some people. That seemed simple too: you hire people and they do work, right? Wrong. Because people are people, not machines. People make mistakes. They want to be encouraged, appreciated, and rewarded. They need challenges, support and training. In short, they’re not simple. They are very complicated. There goes … Continue Reading »