5 days to get control of your business (and life)

A 5 day plan to get rid of that overwhelmed feeling and get moving again.

It’s not getting better…

You’re overwhelmed. Your motivation is drained. You don’t mind the hard work if there was some kind of light at the end of the tunnel. The worst part is you’ve started to dread closing new business! You don’t know if you can keep going — have you started looking for a… (can I say it) a job?

Neither of us wants this to end that way. It’s possible to turn this around without having to work these kind of hours anymore. But you need to make some changes quickly! If you sign up for this 5 day email plan we’ll get you started on this change. 

Here’s what’s included:

  • A simple exercise to cut down on your work hours immediately so you can get out of the office at a decent hour.
  • Magic phrase that improves the output of your team AND empowers them to solve their problems before they ever come to you.
  • A proven practice to enable you to set boundaries around your work time, so you can spend it the way you want to, not how your clients want you to.
  • A way to start to fit in hobbies that you enjoy, feed your soul, and actually make you a better business owner because you are a well-rounded person! (It sounds easy, but this is the hardest part for many people!)
  • Steps to build the full plan you’ll need to sustain this progress.

I’m not going to promise you that everything’s fixed in 5 days, but it will be a good bit better than it’s been lately. You’re going to have more time. Your employees are taking more responsibility and if they don’t you’ll know what to do about it. Your business will still have issues, we’re not fixing that (yet). To fix your business issues is going to take more time–because business issues are not something that can sustainably be solved with a quick fix! But you will have more energy, freedom and control–like it was in the beginning. This is what you need to finish this leg of the race!

Real change happens in small steps, sustained over a long time. The way that happens is that you have to take the first step — put your email address into the form below and do the first assignment. I’m not asking for a lot here! If you are serious about changing your business and your life you need to do it now.

Who is this Brad Farris?

Hi! I’m Brad Farris. I have been working with small business owners since 2001 and has made measurable improvement the businesses (and lives) of hundreds of business owners just like you. I focus on practical solutions that and tools that can help you solve not just today’s problem, but provide a way of thinking about your issue that can help you far into the future.

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