Case Study

Creating a cohesive strategy and building a team

C+R Research

Brad is by no means just along for the ride – saying what you want him to say. He’ll challenge you. If you’re serious about your work, you should be working with Brad.

Lynne Bartos, VP and Marketing Content Strategist

C+R Research has been connecting leading brands with consumers for over 60 years. More than 100 insights professionals call C+R home, and they were recently ranked a top place to work. 

In 2016, C+R’s marketing team hired Brad to help them get more strategic. According to Lynne, Brad took the team from underperforming to widely respected in a few short years.

What difference has Anchor Advisors made for your team?

Before Brad, our marketing team wasn’t truly a marketing team. We had graphic designers, and an art director but no real strategic vision. There were tactics, of course, but they were not tied to any overarching strategy. SEO wasn’t on our radar, and our leads were minimal and not terribly well-qualified. 

With Brad, all that changed. We hired an SEO firm, made personnel changes to get the right expertise on the team, and developed a clear set of strategies. Now, we have a steady flow of well-qualified leads, our content is consistently top-ranked on Google, and the entire firm sees our value. We went from an underperforming team to a team that’s given latitude and independence because we’re trusted to deliver.

What’s your favorite part of working with Anchor Advisors?

Brad has made a huge, tangible impact at C+R. Beyond the long list of outcomes (more leads, higher ranking content, more respect from other departments), he’s just a lot of fun to work with. He’s a straight shooter, and he’s incredibly well-rounded. If he doesn’t know the answer, he knows where to get the answer. I look forward to our meetings – we have fun and make things happen.

How would you describe Anchor Advisors to a colleague?

Anchor Advisors’ services are comprehensive–both tactical and strategic–and forward-thinking. Brad is very well-connected. Working together, you’ll uncover new needs, and Brad will help you find the right talent to address those needs.

What three words come to mind when considering working with Anchor Advisors?

Inspired. Motivated. Uplifting. 

And one more thing. While I’ve had a long career in market research, I only recently moved into marketing. Brad’s leadership and guidance have helped me develop a new sense of confidence in my marketing know-how. So, if I could add one more word, it would be confidence-building.