Case Study

From cautious optimism to aggressive growth.


“Brad embodies the meaning of “coach.” He’s the first true coach I’ve ever had – not teacher, but coach. He knows how to ask the right question at the right moment and create space for clients to think and grow.”

~ Saeedreza Abbaspour, Co-Founder & CEO

Refact is the premier growth and technology consulting firm for independent media startups. Their mission? Empower media brands to build sustainable businesses. Refact’s digital strategy and management, software engineering, user experience, and interactive design know-how help ensure clients are ready for the next big story.

Tell me a little bit about Refact.

I started the company about four years ago after several years of freelancing. In the beginning, we worked with a lot of different companies in a lot of different spaces – hospitality, e-commerce, and entertainment. Pretty quickly, we realized we didn’t want to do everything for everybody and started thinking about where to focus our energy. Today, the majority of our clients are local news and small media companies. We offer web design, user experience, user interface design, software development, and branding services. 

How did you first meet Brad?

I posted a question in an online group about how to financially structure an agency—at the time, I was trying to figure out the ideal number of clients for an agency our size. Brad sent a thoughtful response and offered a free brainstorming session. After two or three sessions, I felt really good and wanted to keep working together.

What did your work together look like? 

I joined a Mastermind Group, which met twice a month as a group, and included one 1:1 coaching call with Brad. The ground we covered in the Mastermind was great—issues associated with hiring, growth, management styles, and marketing—but the best part? It normalized the challenges I was running into. I always left the calls feeling reenergized about my work and less alone.

What is your favorite thing about working with Brad?

From that first call, I noticed that there was something different about Brad. His energy really resonated with me. I’ve worked with a number of different coaches over the years, and Brad brings a different level of honesty and care. I saw the same thing among the Mastermind participants, too – I suppose like attracts like.

What’s different at Refact because of your work with Brad? 

I’m more determined. I trust myself more. The coaching and Mastermind sessions clarified where I want to go.

A few months into my work with Anchor Advisors, Brad sent me a book, The War of Art. While I was in the midst of the book, we lost a big client. And, whether it was the book, the conversations I was having with Brad and the Mastermind group, the sudden hole the client left, or all three, I was like, okay, it’s time to stop postponing decision-making. 

I had been holding onto some financial reserves for a while, too afraid to spend them. My work with Brad and the Mastermind group helped me conclude that it was my job to invest that money into the company’s growth. Into Refact’s future. So, I took the plunge and hired two new positions.

How would you describe Brad’s services to a colleague?

Brad embodies the meaning of “coach.” He’s the first true coach I’ve ever had – not a teacher, but a coach. He knows how to ask the right question at the right moment and create space for clients to think and grow.

And if you had to describe Anchor Advisors in just three words?

Friendly, supportive, family