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Group guidance for consistent growth to reach the one million mark.

So, you want a million-dollar creative firm…

There is a universal truth that keeps people stuck striving for a million. The things you did to get your business started don’t work to get your business to over $1 million.

I call it the “Million Dollar Hamster Wheel.” You keep going round and round, working harder and harder but never reaching that million dollars in sales. 

You’re stuck on the Million Dollar Hamster Wheel when:

  • Your expenses keep growing as your agency grows, and your margin is getting squeezed.
  • Your take-home income isn’t nearly as much as you should be getting paid.
  • Your day today isn’t anything like the lifestyle you imagined when you started this business.
  • No matter what you try, you can’t seem to scale up sales or support the new business if you could sell it.
  • You still don’t feel truly comfortable stepping away from the business to take a vacation, sick day, or just release the reins.

Because you’re always playing catch-up, putting out a fire, going on sales calls, or training up a new team member, you get stuck.

Blowing through
a million

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners go from being “stuck in the mid-six figures” to completely transform to 1, 2, 4 million, and beyond.

  • It doesn’t have to be SO hard.
  • It doesn’t have to take everything out of you.
  • It doesn’t have to put your entire company at risk
  • It ACTUALLY allows you the lifestyle that you wanted when you started this business in the first place.

Introducing the Own Your Course Mastermind

The transition through the million-dollar barrier is simple, but it isn’t easy.

  • It requires new habits of thinking and working. (Some of the hardest things for us to change)
  • It requires bold decision-making that feels uncomfortable.
  • It requires careful planning and changing how business is done to keep things moving while you implement change.
  • It requires steadfastness in the face of inevitable adversity, so you don’t return to destructive habits and safe comfort zones.
  • It requires support and guidance from outside experts who root for you and, most importantly, are honest with you.

The Own Your Course Mastermind program is designed to help you do all of these things and so much more, step-by-step.

Wait, is it like other Masterminds where a lot of talk happens, but nothing gets done?

No, in fact, Mastermind is a bit of a misnomer. Own Your Course Mastermind is an intense program where the POINT is to make massive progress tangible.

We’re serious about your progress. We oversee everything to make sure each session stays focused. You walk away from each meeting with action items to apply to your business before the next time.

How It Works

Two group sessions a month + One private session a month + full arsenal of tools = Rapid Growth

You and up to 5 other driven business owners participate in two powerful group sessions each month where you explore specific issues and plan what needs to be done before the next meeting to close the gap.

You also get a monthly one-on-one meeting with your Anchor Advisors coach. This is where you dig deep into critical challenges and opportunities you’re facing to make your goals a reality.

PLUS, you get shortcuts to major business achievements with access to our entire library of proven operational tools and templates, from budget worksheets, hiring docs, marketing materials, and pricing.

These resources literally save you weeks of work and tons of money.

Everything is done online, so you don’t waste time driving around and can join your meetings from anywhere!


Listen to what our clients say:

Before the Mastermind, I was scared of anything that felt like “sales.” Now I see that selling my services is about finding people who could benefit from my expertise and then engaging them in a conversation. Now, I’m excited to talk to researchers about how my team can help them achieve their goals.
Jeff Cohen
Software for Research
“I take better care of my employees because of the work I’ve done with Brad.”
Andrew Ward
Award Consulting

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