Case Study

Iterating quickly to accelerate growth


“Because of what Brad has created, it’s a no-fail situation. If you show up, you’ll succeed.”

Caitlin Fitzpatrick, Partner and COO, BWB

BWB is a holistic creative agency that prioritizes working with clients who see business as a force for good. They are female-founded and led and offer a wide range of services, from coaching to graphic design to website builds and branding and identity work. And they do it all with a midwifery approach. What’s that mean? Check out their website to learn more, but the short answer has to do with values-attunement, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative risk-taking.

How did you first meet Brad, and what was the initial goal of your work together?

I met Brad a few years back through a mutual connection who said, “this guy is brilliant; you gotta work with him.” I signed up for his newsletter and started following him on LinkedIn.

When my business partner went on maternity leave this past year, I knew I would need some extra support. I decided to contact Brad, and after our initial conversation, I signed up for his Mastermind group. I left our intake call with a list of actionable ideas – so it was clear from the start that working with Anchor Advisors would be a worthwhile investment of time and resources. 

What is your favorite thing about working with Brad?

He’s seen it all before. He has years of experience working with founders and owners who’ve encountered the same challenges you’re encountering. Not only can he provide great advice, but he can tell you about a client who approached the situation you’re in one way (and how it turned out) and another who approached it another way (and how it turned out). His concrete examples help you get to a solution faster, which, as a small business owner, is invaluable. 

What’s different at BWB because of your work with Brad?

So many things. We updated our pricing, revised our independent contractor agreements, changed how we promote our vision online, and implemented new timelines and payment policies with our contractors and clients. And the list goes on.

I came into the Mastermind experience with a clear sense of what I was struggling with and wanted input on, but I also showed up with an open head and heart. On our coaching calls, Brad helped me uncover new terrain to explore.

While in the Mastermind group, my business partner and I committed to speedy implementation. If we came up with a new idea during a coaching session, we implemented it immediately. We tested, tweaked, and then moved on to the next thing. That cycle has allowed us to settle into a new mindset, a new way of being – a state of constant evolution.

What’s the Mastermind experience all about?

It was my first time participating in such a tight-knit group. During the six months that I participated in the program, six or seven other business owners were in the group. Brad and his colleague did an incredible job of holding space for the group – ensuring everybody had adequate time to share, and give and get feedback. 

One of the best parts about Mastermind? The accountability. When you get on a Zoom and someone in the group asks, “Oh, hey, how did that thing go you said you were going to do last week?” You want to come with some results to share. 

As part of Mastermind, in addition to the group time, you also get 1:1 coaching from Brad, which is a really cool combination. Because of what Brad has created, it’s a no-fail situation. If you show up, you’ll succeed.

And if you had to describe working with Brad in just three words?

Actionable, sound or grounded-in-experience, and enlightening.