Case Study

Creating a new way of being the CEO

Modern Logic

Brad helped me realize that I’d grown to dislike my work because I was spending my time on the wrong stuff. Any owner who is thinking, ‘hey, do I wanna keep doing this anymore?’ should talk to Brad. He’s helping me transition to a more creative, strategic, visionary role.

Dustin Bruzenak, CEO

Minnesota-based Modern Logic has been designing and building mobile and cloud apps since 2010. From e-learning platforms to social networks, front-end design to back-end analytics, these Silicon Valley transplants are focused on connecting people and making clients’ big ideas come to life. In 2021, as Modern Logic’s staff doubled and more growth was on the horizon, founder and CEO Dustin Bruzenak knew it was time to make a big investment in his leadership skills. He called Brad.

You’ve worked with other advisors before, how is your work with Brad and Anchor Advisors different?

My work with Brad is more personal, less about the brass tacks. He’s helping me transform my relationship to the CEO role. Right now, we’re focused on improving my delegation skills and getting me out of the daily grind so that I can be a more strategic and creative leader – the leader my business needs me to be.

Some advisors are so specialized that they struggle to think creatively when outside their wheelhouse; conversation with Brad is far-reaching and generative. He’s smart and creative with a deep well of knowledge and experience related to the issues I’m working through. Sessions with Brad feel like getting a cup of coffee with a friend who gives really good advice.

What’s been one of the biggest take-aways in your work so far?

As a result of working with Brad, I hired an HR advisor and fractional CFO, which has freed me up to spend more time focused on the business rather than in the business.

As someone who started a business with personal capital, memories of draining my 401K just to put food on the table or figuring out how to make payroll with only 10K in the bank, are never far away. So, when there’s a million in the bank, instead of using that money to invest in my company’s future, I’m sitting on it waiting for a crisis. I’m focused on getting through today rather than meaningfully developing a multi-year growth strategy. I’m so used to pulling the wagon alone, I’m not utilizing the talent on my team. And none of that spells growth or happiness. 

What’s your favorite thing about working with Brad?

Brad is really good at translating complex concepts and pacing how he shares information. He’s helped me see areas where spending my energy will be a force multiplier and where it’ll be a waste. It’s also just really nice having someone like Brad who’s not beholden to you as a business owner. He isn’t in your business, he has no political agenda – he’s just in your “corner.”

Three words that describe your work with Anchor Advisors?

Personable, actionable, topical.