Case Study

Navigating Rapid Growth


We have no need for any other business coach ever, period…we will be paying him until he stops us from paying him. Hopefully that never happens.

Taylorr Payne, Co-Founder/CEO

SpeakerFlow has been helping speakers, coaches, and consultants leverage systems to stay in flow since 2019. What’s it mean to be in “flow”? The SpeakerFlow team will tell you its about experiencing deep enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life. Co-Founders Taylorr Payne and Austin Grammon are passionate about technology and automation and determined to help thought leaders multiply their impact. To assure they stay in flow–amidst all the challenges of owning and growing a business–Taylorr and Austin rely on coaching from Brad. 

How would you describe your work with Brad?

Brad is basically our guide. He’s been where we are before – he helps us put labels to the challenges we’re experiencing and develop strategies to overcome the hurdles we face. As our business has evolved, we’ve needed different things from Brad. He’s evolved with us. Over time, we’ve developed what we call our “Brad voice” – we often ask each other, “what would Brad do?”

What’s been one of those most significant take-aways from your work with Brad?

We’ve worked with Brad since the earliest days of our company, so we’ve navigated a lot of terrain together, including moving from three partners down to two, hiring and training a team (we’re eight-strong now), and developing a new organizational structure. Beyond some of those more concrete milestones, we’ve done a lot of mindset work with Brad. Basically, uncovering the roots of some of our behavioral patterns as leaders. That work has had an enormous impact on how we run our business – how we invest in our future and care for our staff.

How would you describe Anchor Advisors’ coaching services to a colleague?

I’m not even a videogamer, but this is the best analogy I can think of: sometimes in video games, you’re on a map, and you can’t see what the map looks like or where you are until you’ve explored it. Brad is like the person who gives you hints – helps you locate yourself on the map and prepare for what’s ahead. He’s a true guide.

You’ve worked with other advisors before, how is your work with Brad and Anchor Advisors different?

How’s Brad different? A lot of it boils down to personality. He’s calm, he listens intently, and he’s really skilled at both strategy and tactics. He accompanies you from your initial idea all the way through implementation.

Three words that describe working with Brad?

Guide, clarity, mindset.