Skip the Proposal, Win the Deal

Your guide to closing business the easy way

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Skip the Proposal, Win the Deal: Your guide to closing business the easy way

After the adrenaline of a prospect meeting, heading back to the office to prepare a client proposal is a grind

Think about it: when you’re in the room with your prospect uncovering their challenges and talking about solutions, you’re excited, and they are too! You feel creative. They feel hopeful. How can we build a business development process that harnesses that energy? 

Hint: you are the proposal; you don’t need a 10-page document full of the minutia that no one will read.

In this session, we’ll talk about how to identify the right prospects, design better first meetings, providing clients with options so that you can go straight to a signed contract.


  • Identifying the right prospects
  • Five key questions to ask in every prospect meeting
  • Why you need to provide options (and how to structure them)
  • Getting deals closed!  

Attendees will leave with a one-page proposal template and a new sense of optimism!