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The riches are in the niches!

Most people start their business with a broad target. We throw some things up against the wall to see what sticks. Our biggest fear is that no one will buy, and so we try to sell to everyone!

By trying to be everything to everyone, we weren’t the perfect thing for any client! Plus, we found ourselves selling projects we didn’t know how to deliver, and that’s a recipe for losing your shirt. 

This is why, as we start to get success, as we begin to gain traction, we must focus our offerings.

We need to identify who our ideal target is, and get tight focused. Ideally, you are selling ONE signature service to one ideal customer. You are offering them the thing that they want the most! How easy is that to sell?

When you find that service market fit, where you’re selling something that your ideal client wants; it changes everything in your business! 

  • Your marketing and sales process gets so much easier. You know who you are looking for and what their problems are!
  • You can deliver so much more reliably, no more figuring things out on the fly!
  • You know what your margins are going to be.
  • Your clients love the services that you’re delivering. 

When you narrow down in this way, everything starts to come together and gel. 

What holds you back from getting laser-focused on one offering to one ideal market and reaping the growth that results from that focus? 

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