Leaning Into Change Instead of Waiting for “Normal”

I know firsthand how exhausting the pace of change has been over the last few years. As leaders, we’ve guided our teams through uncertainty at every turn. And it’s not just change from one angle. The Pandemic opened up new ways to work and sell. Our employees have changed their expectations and keep asking for…

Hope in the darkness

This week, we will experience the shortest day of the year (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). Here in Chicago, we’ll have about 9 hours of daylight. Starting next week, the days will begin to get longer. At first, only by a little bit. But believe me, every minute counts in the dead of winter….


The first step to improve your leadership and influence

If you want to be influential and lead others, there is one thing you can do that will have an outsized impact on your leadership. Get a good night’s sleep. Before you sign up for an expensive leadership development program or read another book about leadership, pay attention to the basics. Things like sleep, nutrition,…