At Anchor Advisors, Ltd. we are proud of what we do, and the clients we serve.  Here’s our reasons why we think it’s great to work here:

  1. We help people reach their dreams. So many small business owners have lost the thread of why they started their business. They are buried in minutia and can’t see the forest any more. We can help them get out of that.
  2. New challenges every day. Every client is a little different—and requires new thinking. We sometimes are presenting old ideas in a new way. Other days we are looking at a new business to see if it fits our models. You never feel like you are doing something for the 10th time; it always remains fresh.
  3. Your work is yours to discover. In a professional services business you can always decide to “find” the work that you want to do. Feel like doing more recruiting? Go find some recruiting work.
  4. No “know-it-alls.” At Anchor Advisors, Ltd. no one of us has all the tools we need to move our clients forward. We are constantly helping each other find the missing piece to their work from something that we learned last week or last year. You aren’t working alone when you are with Anchor Advisors, Ltd.
  5. We like each other. We value teamwork and take time out to build that team atmosphere that can allow us all to do more together than we would be able to do alone.
  6. We want to know more to do more. We regularly share books, articles, videos, & ideas. We find ways to bounce them around and try to adapt them for our marketplace. There is no pride of authorship on our team. Ideas can grow and flourish on their own merits.
  7. Anchor Advisors, Ltd. has values, and we are serious about living them out. Your collegues are like-minded and accept feedback if any of us gets “out-of-line.”
  8. We are a virtual company; there is no “face time” requirement. You get your work done in the way that works for you and provides value to the client.
  9. We get to spend our days with smart, creative people. Our clients are all leaders who are hardworking, ambitious, creative and smart. It’s fun to work with people like that. They make us want to be better advisors!
  10. Our work helps to create great workplaces in growing companies. Jobs are created in dynamic companies where people enjoy going to work. We are in the most dynamic and fun part of the US economy, small business.