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Where is your weakest link?

It’s only when the tide goes out that you learn who has been swimming naked. ~ Warren Buffett

What’s going on right now is not a test, but it is showing you what’s not working.

If you step back from the crisis a couple of paces and look at your business overall, the stress of the current situation may enable you to see where your business is strong and where it’s weak.

How is your firm financially? Is cash flow tight? Do you wish you had more money in the bank?

If this is your weakest link, it’s time to cut costs — don’t wait, do it now.

How’s your new business pipeline? Are there enough opportunities in your pipeline? Are they converting at a high rate, or are the sliding from one month to the next with nothing closing?

If this is your weakest link you need to step up outreach. Start with past clients and prospects; they are your shortest path to new business.

Looking back over the last year, is your team predominately filled with “A” Players, those folks that you want to find yourself in a foxhole next to? Great! If not, you’re going to have a chance to do something about that!

If your team is your weakest link, start putting your pole in the water — there will be good people let go from other firms that you can pick up soon enough.

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