Two more reasons you aren’t getting paid!

On Thursday, we talked about two beliefs that interfere with our ability to ask to get paid what we’re worth, our desire to be liked, and our investment in closing the deal.

Today we’ll look at two more beliefs, both more internal, that hold back our willingness to ask for a premium price.

We don’t know what we’re worth.

We all have a number in our head that feels comfortable, that “seems right” for a project or offer. Where does that number come from?

Most often, it’s what we would be willing to pay, or it comes from prices that other folks have said “yes” to. We are comfortable at that price.

What does that have to do with what the buyer is willing to pay?

We aren’t the buyer! There may be reasons that this buyer values your services differently – it’s not right or wrong. They just do. We can’t price the work; we need to price the buyer, their need, and their situation.

That voice in your head is likely holding you back at least half the time!

We’re scared.

Running your own business often feels tenuous, like the wolf is at the door. I need to close this deal because who knows where the next one is coming from!

If you are trying to close a deal to pay payroll, you will underprice a lot of deals.

Pricing deals that better reflect your worth will mean that you are closing fewer deals, but it might also get you out of the hand-to-mouth cycle you are stuck in.

Creating a reliable lead generation process that regularly produces sales opportunities – a process you can count on – makes each deal less important. You don’t need this deal.

Are you experiencing any of these feelings? Do you want to learn how to ask for more for your services?

If so, hit reply to this email, and let’s talk! (I love to help folks get paid what they are worth!)

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