8 ways that having fun brings you more business…

At the end of each year, I spend some time reflecting on what I want to be different in the year ahead. One of the things I want to see more of in 2021 is that I want to have more fun at work. Rather than “grinding it out,” I want to infuse the work I’m doing with a spirit of play. Instead of feeling like the work I do is weighty, I want the changes we’re making to feel light and free.

So to that end, I made a list of ways that embodying fun in my work would help my business grow!

  1. When we have fun, we’re more interesting.
    Bringing fun into work means that I have to look at things a little sideways. It means I’m going to try some things I haven’t tried before. The fun will break the patterns and routines I rely on.
  2. When you’re having fun, you don’t look like everyone else.
    None of us want to feel like we’re “corporate,” buttoned-down, or stogie! Fun separates you from the corporate crowd.
  3. When work is fun, other people want to join in.
    Joy is contagious. Fun invites others in. Fun is generous!
  4. When we’re having fun, we take ourselves less seriously.
    Most of us aren’t involved in actual life-or-death decisions, so why do we act so self-important? By adding some humor and fun, it kills that habit of adding weight and seriousness to everything.
  5. When we’re having fun, we’re not playing it safe.
    One of the ways to kill a business is to play it right down the middle. No risks, no differentiation, no rewards. Have some fun and find out what’s possible.
  6. Play sets the stage for creativity.
    I’m much more likely to solve a problem through brainstorming or trying out crazy ideas from other industries than I am through earnest thinking!
  7. Smiling faces make for open minds.
    That same creativity that comes out when I’m playing with solutions gets multiplied in a group. If I play with my whole team around a problem, there’s no telling where it will take us.
  8. Fun is energizing! There’s less burnout, and you bring your best self to every meeting.
    Burnout is a product of intensity, pressing on too many important things for too long. But if we can hold things more lightly, we can still get a lot done without the weight pressing us down.

That’s my list! How have you found fun to make you and your business more successful? If I’m missing something, please hit reply and let me know. You’ll be helping me meet my 2021 goals!

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