A new way to get help!

So you know you need to get help to get this annoying project off your plate and finished, but you think it’s going to take too long to find a VA, or a student to do it for you. So you end up doing it yourself. 

There are companies who have leaped into this gap and are trying to make it easier for you to get help, and for college students to get real-world experience. 

What about a micro-internship

If you have a short project like setting up a bunch of social media accounts for a new brand or building a media list that you can use to build momentum for your new product launch. Any research or execution task that’s got a simple, achievable outcome, you can hand it off to a college student who is in need of experience (and a little cash)  who can execute on it. 

If you like the person, you can keep working with them. You might even bring them in for a summer, or hire them when they graduate. This gives you an option to test out lots of talent and keep “the good ones.”

Two organizations that I’ve found for this are Parker Dewey, and GenM.  Each of them has already sourced the college students and help you match your project to the right student. GenM gives you certain hours per month for a fixed subscription while Parker Dewey is available on-demand. But either way, you are getting some great talent that can quickly get that project off your desk.

What other resources do you know about for quickly finding short-term talent?

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