Be the yoga pants!

We (including myself in this) can get really up in our heads about pricing.

“Is $X too much? Will they think I’m too expensive? What should I charge?”

The answer is simple but not easy.

Whatever you want to charge for your work, you can charge. Pick any number and charge it.

Some folks will buy it for that price; some won’t.

If that’s the price you want to charge, find someone who will.

But I want to work with this client.

Most of the pricing angst we experience comes from our desire to win this deal—the one right in front of us.

If we have to win this deal, then we have to make our price something that this person will find to be a value.

That’s a much harder problem to solve. Is this a $220 yoga pants person, or a $30 yoga pants person?

But if we’re putting a price in front of 5 prospects a week? We care less about this one deal.

So, to review, the more often you pitch your services, the more feedback you will get about your pricing and the less invested you need to be in any one deal.

So if I want to get out of my head about pricing, I need more leads.

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