A story from someone who DOUBLED her price! (Reading time 1min 30 sec)

We’ve been talking about raising prices for a few weeks as one of the easiest ways to make more money right now. Today let’s study a real-life customer story of someone who finally started raising her prices.;

I know you’ve been telling me that my prices are way too low, but I still have a mental hurdle charging more. 

“Recently I was looking at a proposal for one of my favorite clients that I’ve had for a long time and I knew my price for this work was too low. I have worked with them for eight years and have never increased my rates. So I called the client and brought it up to him. The client was extremely open with me about prices and told me that I was one of their best facilitators and one of the lowest paid and volunteered to double my price!

“Even though I am still not completely comfortable with raising my prices across the board, I find myself viewing potential clients differently. I feel more confident in my willingness to walk away from potential clients who don’t appreciate our value. It is a new sense of power I have over my business.

What did you notice in this story? Her client DOUBLED her price just because he was asked. I wonder if he was *waiting* for my client to ask?

The result was a big deal for my client but was almost a non-event for her client.

Are you making this “raise your prices” thing too big a deal? Is the barrier more in your mind than your client’s mind? (Like it was for her?)

What’s holding you back from quoting a higher price to your next proposal or prospect? 

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