Closing the deal

So we’ve qualified our leads, then we discovered the scope of their issue and educated them about the implications it has for them, now it’s time to close the deal. 

Do you:

A. Send a proposal via email and wait for your prospect to call?

B. Give your prospect a call, “Just to follow up on our discussion…”

C. Get on the phone with your prospect to review the benefits and investments involved in working with you?

If you choose option “C,” then you are through to the all-important Investment call. 

In the investment call we want to:

  • Recap what we heard up to this point. It’s essential to help the buyer to get back into the frame of mind that they were in during your earlier conversations. Also, if something has changed, you can discover that before you present your proposal!
  • Explicitly name the dilemma they are facing, “You’ve tried [insert things they’ve tried] and yet you are still encountering [insert obstacles]  that are keeping you from your goals. 
  • Remind them of your expertise. This is a great time for a story about another client you’ve helped!
  • Present the proposal and close the deal. 

By the end of the call, the buyer should have all the information that they need to decide to work with you and your firm. 

Because you uncovered their decision process in the first call, you have all the decision-makers present. 

Because you know what’s driving this conversation, you can bring up those consequences to keep them from stalling. 

Because you’ve done a thorough discovery process, you can answer all their questions about your proposal.

All you have to do is let them decide!

You can review all the steps in the sales process in the video below.

Video of the whole sales process

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