From Hustle to Service

As we’ve leaned into getting ourselves out of the day-to-day grind by letting go of doing the thing and focusing on building the system that does the thing, I want to pause and think about “the why.”

If you let go of the thing you trained your whole life to do; you need a powerful why! There’s a reason that is more compelling than money or building a bigger agency. Something exciting that’s calling you forward.

How can I be of service?

When I stop thinking about what is the most fun and fulfilling for me, and instead start thinking about what I can do that will enable me to be of the greatest service, a whole new world opens up.

I think about the folks who mentored me when I was young, who spent time to help me to be a valuable part of their system, and suddenly the time I’m spending with my team members feels like paying it forward.

I remember the successful client engagements, and the difference I made for those clients and their businesses, and building the system feels like a way to multiply that to more clients, making more good in the world.

When I look for ways to maximize my service to the world, I get less hung up on what I’m leaving behind, and helps me to focus on what I could gain by trying this new (and potentially scary) thing.

What service can you give to the world that no one else can give? What would be lost if you stuck to your individual contributor role?

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