Getting perspective

“All businesses are loosely functioning disasters” ~Brent Beshore

You spend all day looking at everything that’s wrong with your business…

  • There’s a typo on the LinkedIn page, and it’s been there for years!
  • We’re late on a project with that client again!
  • My salesperson has never opened a deal that didn’t have a 100% chance to close, in her mind!
  • Our email list has dwindled…but that’s OK; we never send anything to them!
  • He said what in that sales call?

…and I spend all day seeing that everyone has a ton of things wrong with their business! (Seriously, no one’s business on the inside looks like it does on their website!)

What are you doing right?

You’ve come a long way –  looking back to last year – so much has changed!

  • You have hired and onboarded staff you’ve never met!
  • You sold new client projects and collaborated with your clients and team while 100% remote
  • No conferences, no networking, but still you’re finding leads!
  • There’s money in the bank. (For some of you, a lot more money in the bank!)

When you started your business, you looked around at other agencies, cherry-picked each of their best attributes, and used that to create a vision of what you wanted.

Then when you got started it got more complicated, but you didn’t let go of that vision of perfection.

The problem is; that vision was never real!

What can you celebrate today about your business? What wins can you talk about, what progress can you recognize, what makes you most proud?

5 days to get
control of your
business (and life)

A 5 day plan to get rid of that overwhelmed feeling
and get your business moving again.