Happy (almost) Bosses Day

No, I don’t think that offices should celebrate Bosses Day.

I always think it’s problematic for subordinates to be buying gifts or throwing parties for their bosses. How can that not feel like butt-kissing?

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t celebrate!

Without Bosses, nothing happens.

  • You took the risk
  • You landed the clients
  • You hired the team
  • You signed the lease
  • You had the vision and made it real.

For the last 25 years, I’ve been working alongside bosses!

I’ve seen how you live and die with your business. It’s important to you to create something, to provide jobs and careers for your teams. Sure, it’s fulfilling, but it’s also a lot of weight to carry.

That work of carrying the load, making things happen, and being the glue, is important work. Thank you for being the person who does that for your team. Thank you for your creator’s heart and unflappable spirit.

So this Saturday, on Bosses Day, give yourself a celebration. Take a minute or two to appreciate how far you’ve come and what it took to get there.

After all, you’re the boss!

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