Hope in the darkness

This week, we will experience the shortest day of the year (for those in the Northern Hemisphere). Here in Chicago, we’ll have about 9 hours of daylight.

Starting next week, the days will begin to get longer. At first, only by a little bit. But believe me, every minute counts in the dead of winter.

This change of season is a good reminder.

Dark days pass.

Maybe you had a terrific 2023 where you blew the roof off the doors. I have clients who are celebrating record years. Good for you, celebrate your success!

I also have clients for whom 2023 was a barren and frozen wasteland with no clients anywhere.

Neither state is permanent.

As we turn toward a time of year when we gather with family or friends, celebrate, and look toward the new year, let’s let go of 2023. Good or bad. And welcome whatever 2024 has to bring us.

Thanks for reading along this year; I’ll see you in 2024.

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