How do I do this right?

My wife buys everyone in the family underwear for Christmas. It’s a tradition in her family, and we could all use some new underwear from time to time, right?

Two years ago, she bought me some fancy boxer briefs. They are thoughtfully designed in every detail, as most luxury products are. There’s just one problem…

I can’t figure out what’s “right-side out” for these shorts.

The waistband is printed on one side, the “label” is printed on the other side, there’s a branded tag on one side of the fly, but the pattern is on the other side. Do the seams go on the inside or the outside?

My wife and I have gone round-and-round trying to decide how to fold them each time they come out of the laundry!

One day, I saw the genius

As I was debating this yet again, I said, “These guys thought through every element of the design of these shorts; it can’t be this difficult!”

That’s when it hit me; they designed the shorts so it doesn’t matter, so you can take them out of the laundry and put them on without ever worrying about what’s right-side out!

While my head exploded with that concept, I realized that there were tons of other things in my life where I am trying to find the one right way to do it, when in fact, it doesn’t matter at all.

If you think about it for a few minutes, I’m guessing you’ll see some of those things too.

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