How do you know that you are doing a good job?

The meeting I was having with my client kept getting interrupted. 

Every 8 minutes, someone would walk in with a question or something that needed his immediate approval. 

This parade didn’t seem to bother my client; in fact, I think he kind of liked it. He felt important and involved in the details of the work going out the door. He felt like he was adding a lot of value! So he was shocked when I told him that if this didn’t stop, his business was never going to grow.

“But I’m so much better at this than any of them are! The work will suffer if I’m not the one doing it…this is what I’m good at!” 

And that’s the problem

This is one of the significant transitions when your business surges past $1M in annual sales. Your role needs to change. 

You aren’t the doer anymore. 

Your job is to create the systems, the environment, and attract the talent that gets things done.

  • Instead of being excited about what you’ve done, you have to get excited by all that your team got done!
  • It’s not about how you make the work better; it’s about creating a team that will deliver better work than you ever could. 
  • You might have been in meetings all day, but work still got created and delivered!

How do you evaluate your performance? What does a good day look like for you? 

5 days to get
control of your
business (and life)

A 5 day plan to get rid of that overwhelmed feeling
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