How do you respond when money is scarce?

I imagine that you’re in a cabin in the woods. You notice late one afternoon that you’re almost out of firewood.

How do you respond?

Do you panic? Do you worry or run around decrying how unfair this is?

Do you count your sticks of firewood and develop a plan to ration them out? “How much firewood can I get by on??”


Do you go and gather more wood. Not just for this evening, but for a couple of days.

Could we treat money like firewood?

What if gathering more money was as easy as gathering firewood?

You have to go looking, and it’s going to take some work, but you know it’s there, and if you look, you will find it?

How could you have a relationship with money like that? Could you live with money (no matter how much you have) and not be anxious?

Stop for a minute and notice the feelings you are having right now about that statement.

I’d love it if you’d hit reply and tell me how the idea that money could be like firewood makes you feel. 

(I borrowed this story from Behavior Gap Radio Ep 492. It’s the only podcast so good that I pay for it.)

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