How to make yourself blind to growth opportunities

Over the last few days, we’ve talked about creating an openness to finding the right new opportunities to grow your business.

But even if you keep your glass-half-full and know what kind of opportunities your business is looking for, there’s one surefire way to make sure you neither see nor execute on any growth opportunities.

Busyness is the enemy of growth.

When you are booked end-to-end in zoom calls when there’s a line outside your door and 300 emails in your inbox, there’s no way you will find growth opportunities!

Even if an opportunity came by and smacked you in the head, you’d miss it because you are already late for that next meeting! Why do I want to grow – don’t I have enough trouble already?

When we have space on our calendar, when we slow down and have time to think, that’s when we start to see growth opportunities!

But how do I create that space?

You have to do less.

For most of you, that means getting out of the day-to-day client work. If meetings with clients occupy more than 25% of your calendar, you aren’t likely to grow your business!

Why? Because 3 new clients would mean more work for you! Where do you have time for that!

You need to build your team so that they can do the work. When we don’t do that, we are getting in the way of our own company’s growth.

That’s why you won’t hear from me for a bit!

I’m headed out on vacation – I’ll be out of the reach of any radio waves, and I don’t have an ethernet cable long enough to get there – so I’ll be off the grid!

I’ll be back in your mailbox in two weeks. (Hopefully full of ideas for growth!)

What are you doing to get away from your business this summer? Hit reply and let me know!

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