How you can buy happiness.

Our last conversation talked about how success doesn’t make you happy, but it might increase your income!

If you find yourself with more disposable income, what can you do with money to improve happiness?

Thankfully, we have academics who have researched this question, and their findings were surprising (to me). This study used lower-income and more well-off respondents (including some millionaires) from a global sample.

They studied a wide range of ways you could use the money to increase happiness. You could buy “things” (a nicer house or car), experiences (vacation, concert tickets, etc.), or time-saving services (cleaning help, meal services, etc.)

Buy time

The results showed that those who invested their money in saving time got significantly more satisfaction and happiness from their purchases than those who bought experiences or things.

This makes me think about hiring virtual assistants or other help to take work off of our plates in our business.

At home, we tried a meal-in-a-box service, and it did make our lives less stressful!

What are you doing to improve your happiness right now?

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