I’m not participating in the recession.

During the last slowdown in 2009 – 2010, I had one client who had a unique response to the economy.

She is a very focused and driven leader who doesn’t accept excuses and knows the power she has to create the reality around her. So, when the economy started to slow and other leaders became cautious and fearful, she told me,

“I choose not to participate in the recession!”

She was always careful about her spending, so she didn’t have to go through her budget, slashing expenses.

Instead, she focused on her business development.

What did she do?

  • She got even more explicit about the kinds of clients she served and the problems she could solve for them.
  • She focused on outreach. She had a call with the CEO of every company in her target market. They were open to her call because they were looking for good ideas to kick-start growth. Then she dug in with the ones who were ready to take action.
  • Because she narrowed her focus, she could make bold, irresistible offers to the companies in her target market that had money to spend.

A healthy agency only needs 10 – 15 good clients. Even in a slow economy, you can find them!

What will you do today to sharpen your business development process and positioning so that you don’t need to participate in any slowdown? Hit reply and let me know!

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