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“It’s taken me so long to figure out what my business is all about.”

I was talking with a friend who owns his own business.

I often tell him that he’s my business hero – he makes a terrific living for his family and significantly impacts his clients – and does it all in less than 20 hours a week. But that’s a story for another day…

Anyway, He and I were talking last week, and he said, “I can’t believe it’s taking so long for me to figure out exactly what my business is all about.

He’s been working on this business for seven years and just last week found the clarity to say,

“There’s one thing I do better than anyone else, and it’s the thing I enjoy the most and makes the biggest impact on my clients. I should only have one offer on my website. I should sell that one thing and that one thing only. THAT’s what my company is about.”

That clarity, and the courage to make that decision, made everything easier for him. (With this clarity, maybe he can get down to working 10 hours per week!)

I’ve seen this with other clients; when they narrow their focus to one clear offer to one specific target client, the rest of the business comes together quickly.

Imagine the creativity and energy gained by focusing on one thing and getting so good that NO ONE is better at it than you are. If your target market wants the transformation you offer or the results you can promise, they will ONLY get it from you.

What’s your business all about?

So play along with me for a minute. If you could only sell ONE service to one target customer, what would it be? Don’t overthink it. What’s your gut telling you?

How much of the complication in your business could you set aside if you focused on that?

How many would you need to sell? Could you do it?

One final story. I went to a marketing conference in 2014 where the “marketer of the year” gave the keynote. His message there was Don’t dabble, dominate. He had grown a $4M business with one paid ad on one channel that went to one landing page to sell one product. As soon as he got traction, he focused all his energies on optimizing that one sales process. A little better every day.

What would that kind of focus do for you and your business? How long will it take you to decide to drop the distractions and focus on one thing?

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