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Leading an agency can be lonely. There’s so much to learn and few people to ask. It would be great to have a mastermind group or a lunch bunch that is all business owners who share the same challenges that you do with your business and your life. People you can talk to, get ideas and advice from…

This is that group, but it comes in your email.

You’ll get an email from me two to three times a week about topics I’ve been discussing with your peers. If you respond, I’ll write back, and if you give me permission, I might share it with the group, and the conversation will continue. We talk about how to be a better business owner, grow your business, and take care of yourself in the process.

The emails are short, so they don’t take long to read. Jump on board (if you don’t like it, you can always unsubscribe).

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Owning a business can be lonely. There’s so much to learn and few people to ask.

Every week we talk about how to restore your clarity, grow your vitality, and regain the freedom that you launched this business to experience.

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Here are a few comments I’ve gotten from other business owners in this conversation:

“You are talking to me, sir. Looking forward to Thursday!”

“Such great, encouraging words Brad. Thank you!”

“Great points Brad!! They are all true. A couple of them I needed to hear today too ;)”

“Hi Brad. I only subscribe to one business-related blog – YOURS. I am so ecstatic to receive every one of your emails.”


Oh, that’s me! I have been working with small business owners since 2001 and have seen measurable improvements in the businesses (and lives) of hundreds of agency founders like you. I focus on practical solutions and tools that can help you solve not just today’s problem but provide a way of thinking about your issue that can help you far into the future.