Manifest THIS!

@thechrisdo tweeted:

Have you ever manifested something that began in your mind as a daydream into reality? Is your imagination the beginning of actualization? I want to know. Please tell me when & how.

I love Chris Do.

I especially love how he uses social media to start conversations – he’s a master at it.

But when I see the word “manifested,” I start to get hives.

The whole world around The Secret and the Law of Attraction makes me a little crazy. It feels like 3 parts wishing, one part magic, and a little mystical pseudo-religion sprinkled over the top. No thanks!

And yet…

Click through and read the replies to his tweet.

Most of the replies don’t have anything to do with the “Law of Attraction.”

They are just regular people who daydreamed and found something they wanted, then took some small steps in the direction of making it happen. Then bigger steps. Until BAM! it became real.

What do you want to create?

If you keep doing the same things, you’ll most likely get the same results. If you want things to change, you have to create that change.

It all starts with a desire – something you want to see in yourself or in the world.

Take those desires seriously. Get clear on exactly what you want. Take a few tiny steps in that direction, and you’ll get to see your creative power in action!

Have you ever manifested something that began in your mind as a daydream into reality? What are you dreaming about now? Hit reply and let me know.

Just one more thing

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