Money Mantras?

“A Mantra is a protector of the mind.” ~ Chris Dorris

You can’t get very far into working on your money mindset before someone starts telling you about their “money mantra.”

At first, I scoffed at these pithy sayings. I felt like people are treating them like they are magic spells. If you search for “Money Mantra,” you find articles like “75 Powerful Money Mantras that work super fast!

But my rejection of this “magical thinking” kept me from a powerful truth I needed to hear.

The money thoughts and stories that habitually occupied my mind were garbage.

If you sampled my money thoughts on any given day, you’d likely find anxiety, scarcity, a massive desire to control, and ambivalence about the role of money in my life. Once I started becoming aware of it, all I saw was a toxic stew of money thoughts.

That’s what Mantras are for!

Mantras are just thoughts.

They are thoughts you choose instead of thoughts you allow to run amok in your mind.

So when I choose to remind myself that “I have everything I need.” I am selecting a thought, a truth, to focus on. I’m choosing to be someone who has everything I need.

(Which, by the way, is 100% true. While it may not always be true, I do for sure have everything I need right now. Not just money; support, time, love, guidance, warmth, protection, everything. I have it all. I need nothing!)

What are some thoughts that you need to have on purpose? What are some ideas, that might even be in your head right now, that you need to let go of?

If you have a money mantra that you’ve found helpful, would you hit reply and share it with me?

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