More money clarity, HOW MUCH do you want to make?

On Thursday, we talked about how stupid money is. If you didn’t read it, or if you didn’t do your homework, click through and do that homework now. It will make this conversation a LOT more meaningful.

You remember we talked about how most people don’t really want money. We want what money brings, enables, or means to our lives. I asked you to write down why you work so hard and what more money would mean to you?

Today we’re going to take it a step further.

Let’s get even more clear. Let’s answer the question, “How much?

How much money to do you need to earn in 2019 to be able to get the things that you want money to bring you? I’m not talking about living expenses! How much do you need to earn beyond your living expenses to take a vacation, to give away, to…whatever you want to do, be, or enable?

Take a minute and think about it – what’s the number? Really, is that your number?

Some of you have already let yourself be defeated. You’re thinking, “Nah, that’s impossible. I can’t make that much money this year…”

Some of you are afraid of what else that kind of money would bring, “If I made that much money, what would people expect of me? Who would come asking for that money? Do you know how hard I’d have to work to earn that kind of money?”

Some of you are fired up, “Oooh, it would feel so good to make that money this year. I’m up for the challenge!”

Here’s some real talk.

Before you’ve done even ONE THING to make that money, just thinking about it has brought up all kinds of feelings, fears, and objections inside of your head. Do you hear them? Do you feel them? Those feelings, messages, and complaints are what have kept you from making the kind of money you dream about for years now. That’s your brain trying to protect you — your brain senses danger and it’s trying to keep you “safe” — it’s trying to defend the status quo.

There’s also all kinds of assumptions you have, or “rules” you’ve learned about money. “We don’t talk about money,” the filthy lucre, etc. This conversation may be setting alarms off there too.

All these “warnings” are part of what’s holding you back and kept you from earning what you are worth.

Now, I am not some motivational speaker who is going to tell you that if you dream it you can achieve it. In fact, quite the opposite. Dreaming isn’t enough! You can already feel the opposition you are facing. Your goal setting is just the start. To actually do this it’s going to take risk, work, and a lot of discomfort. You will have to fight those feelings, voices, and objections every step of the way.

To make that money you need to stay open-minded, consider new ideas, and try things that you are convinced won’t work.

That’s why you have to be really clear about WHY you want to make this money! Because the money isn’t enough.

Today’s Homework (IMPORTANT)

Today’s homework is in two parts.

Part One: Get that same sheet of paper that you used for yesterday’s homework and add to it a goal for the amount of money you want to make in 2019. Be specific! Then next to that number write down how much money you want to make in 2023 (four years from now). You don’t need to know how you are going to do it (we’re talking about that later). Just set a specific goal today.

Part Two: Take out a new sheet of paper and fold it in half the long way (making two columns). In the left-hand column write down the feelings, objections, and fears that bubble up as you look at those numbers. Be honest! Don’t edit. Write down whatever comes to mind.

When you are done writing in that column (go as long as things are coming up), switch to the other column and channel your best friend. What would he/she tell you about those fears, objections, or doubts? How would they encourage you to help you to overcome them?

Here’s what one of my clients came up with (shared with permission):

When you’re done, keep that piece (or pieces) of paper handy so that you can turn to it whenever those thoughts, feelings, and objections start to surface.

On Tuesday, more money talk!

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