Never let a crisis go to waste!

So, we’ve been through some things the last year or so, right?

I had a boss once who told us, “Never let a good crisis go to waste!” He knew that there are always opportunities in a crisis.

We’ve been navigating a priceless crisis the last year or so! Do we have some room to reflect on what we’ve been through?

3 questions to get the most out of any crisis

Here are three questions that might help.

1. What is there for me to learn here?

Crises often bring clarity to them. Things we thought of as essential become less important, and things we took for granted (like toilet paper) come to the forefront. What do you see now that you didn’t see when things were “normal”? What needs to change? What should never change?

2. Who do I need to be in this time?

Crises can be chances for people to rise, to be more than they thought was possible in the “normal” times. Crises can call something out of us that we didn’t know was there. What did this crisis call out of you? How has that changed how you see yourself? About how others see you?

3. What does this make possible?

Now that we have clarity and a new sense of ourselves, what is possible that wasn’t before? Where could you go? What could you accomplish?

We never want to waste a crisis by going back to “normal” (if there is even a “normal” to go back to). We need to find a way forward.

This work of taking stock and imagining a new future for you and your business that clients who work with me over time come to value highly. It’s one thing to build a great team and have measures that drive performance. But when we get a good crisis to work with, we can take it to another level!

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