Opportunity is unevenly distributed

Over the last week, I’ve been fortunate to have phone calls with five new prospects — business owners who are committed to building their business even in the middle of everything that is 2020. 

I had five very different phone calls. 

  • One had seen the market for their $2.5M production business collapse, they have turned it into a small consulting practice that might bring in $500K this year. 
  • Another had spent years building a new product that is now ready to explode onto the market; if they can get the word out.
  • A third has grown steadily, even this year, and was back in the office and ready to tackle the goals they set in January (six months later).
  • A fourth saw her business come to a screeching halt in March, with virtually no billings for the last three months, and now it’s like a drag racer spinning away from the start line full speed ahead. 
  • The last one had a solid business in 2019, but now they are just hanging on. Cash is tight, and they are limping from week-to-week. 

No matter what happened to your business so far this year, there is opportunity out there. 

No matter what your client’s businesses went through this year, there’s opportunity out there. 

It’s just unevenly distributed. 

What are you going to do to make sure you find the opportunities you need for your business to succeed?

5 days to get
control of your
business (and life)

A 5 day plan to get rid of that overwhelmed feeling
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