Procrastination is a signal.

During one of my one-to-one coaching calls last week, a client said something that I’ve heard many times before:
I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve been putting off writing proposals and now I have like 5 – 6 people who I promised proposals to — but I just don’t want to do it.
So, let me get this straight. We’re working together to grow your business, right?


And you’ve been putting a lot of effort into lead generation so that you can gain new clients, right?


And now you’ve got folks who want to work with you…but you don’t want to write the proposal?

Yes, that’s it.

Uncomfortable silence

What does that mean?

There was a time (in the past) when I would have told her to “put on her big girl pants” and get them done. Just muscle through and get the work! But when clients followed that advice, I’d find them with another pile of proposals that they were procrastinating on a month later! Now I’m more likely to slow down and listen to what’s going on behind the procrastination! Is it:
  • I hate doing proposals; I’ve always hated doing proposals? => Could we get someone to do them for you!
  • I’m afraid they’ll all say yes, and I’ll be swamped! => What if we build your team’s capacity so that you won’t.
  • I’m afraid of rejection. They all like me now, but if I ask them for money… => Let’s talk about money!
There are a million reasons you might not want to write those proposals, but they aren’t going to get written unless we uncover what’s behind the procrastination!

Your brain is trying to tell you something!

Your brain is not saying, “Brad, you lazy knucklehead. You’re doing it all wrong. What’s the matter with you?” (Not that I’ve ever thought that — cough, cough!) But it is trying to warn you of a problem — like a flashing light on your dashboard, don’t ignore it! What is the important, even critical, thing that you’ve been putting off? Hit reply and tell me about it! Maybe we can figure out what that procrastination is telling you!

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