Really successful people say no to almost everything.

The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say “no” to almost everything. ~ Warren Buffet

If there’s anyone who knows a thing or two about being really successful it’s Warren Buffet. He was a millionaire by 30 (in 1940, when there were a lot fewer millionaires), he’s made some incredible deals, so much so that his current net worth is over $70B!

So when he gives me advice about how to be successful, I listen.

Just say no

As an individual or as a company, the only way to make progress is to say no.

It’s hard to say no because it means having a clear opinion about what the best use of your time, talent, and money will be. You have to clearly assess what you are great at, what your team is good at, and what the market needs. And focus on only that.

To say yes to just those things that are the best uses of your resources enables you to get massive returns compared to hedging your bets all over the place.

How do you decide?

What have you done to identify those few places where you should be spending your time and attention? Are you clear about what you do best and how that overlaps with what your market needs?

If not, how will you get that clarity?

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