Reopening your office safely

Note: It might seem weird talking about reopening offices in the middle of the protests and increased public awareness of racist violence. Honestly, it was a little weird to write it under these circumstances. 

That said, folks are working on reopening offices and have questions about what to do, and so I wanted to get this info out as soon as we had it together. 

We’ve talked quite a bit about why you might want to reopen your office and why you might want to leave things as they are, but last week we got the CDC’s guidance about what would make reopening your office safe. 

Some things seem obvious now that we’re “veterans” of the COVID Pandemic;

  • Wear face masks
  • Wash your hands
  • Keep your distance from one another

Other recommendations may take you by surprise:

  • Work in shifts to minimize the number of people in the office
  • Keep a log for contract tracing purposes
  • Daily affirmative health checks

We’ve pulled together the best resources we could find, including a Sample Reopening Protocol into one resource. Read the full scoop here.

What questions do you have about reopening your office? Hit reply and let me know and we’ll try to find you the answer!

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