Retirement Planning

For some, work is just a way to earn a living and build up savings until they retire.

For others, ones who have found their life’s work, they don’t want to retire. Instead, they look for ways to keep working, keep making a difference, even past “retirement age.”

If you are in the latter category, it’s helpful to think about how your life would be different if you were financially independent.

How would you live and work if money weren’t an issue?

Would you take more time off, spend more time volunteering, or with kids and family? Do you want to travel, or live on a lake, or a boat?

Would you take more significant risks working with “home run” clients – or would you scale back and stick to your knitting?

Take a minute and think about it – what would it be like if you weren’t worried about money?

Someday that will be true.

If all goes well, you will reach that financial independence point someday! Why wait until then to start making some changes?

What could you experiment with today that would move your life closer to that “dream life”?

  • Could you work from the cottage a week per quarter and use it as a short-term rental the other times?
  • Could you start to reduce your work hours and spend time more time with your family now?
  • What’s keeping you from swinging for one home run client?

Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed for any of us, now is the time to live your dream life. Take some small steps, experiment. You might be surprised how close you can get.

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