So what DOES work to grow my business?

On Tuesday, I talked about how my journey to grow my business required more than hard work and book learning. I tried working harder and reading all the right books, but I still wasn’t seeing all the success I wanted.

I also wasn’t the kind of leader I knew I needed to be! Instead of getting closer to my goal, I felt like I was getting further away.

Change doesn’t come from the outside in; we have to work from the inside out.

This insight took a long time to take hold for me, but once I started to grasp the difference, so much changed! Instead of changing my behavior (outside-in) I tried changing my beliefs and the way I was looking at the world (inside-out). Instead of trying to do different things, I started to be a different person.

Once I changed on the inside, it was so much easier to get results on the outside.

  • Many of those behaviors that I knew weren’t working for me but that I couldn’t stop doing, went away!
  • Things that used to throw me for a loop, became just blips. Instead of losing a whole day being upset or trying to change an outcome, I could just let them go.
  • As my awareness grows, I see more of the ways that I’m slowing my success – and I dare to own those things and change them.

To lead a bigger business, we need to transform and grow our mindsets, leadership capacity, and humanness. To make a more significant mark, we need to expand our vessel.

In Saturday’s email, I’ll dig into what makes those “inside-out” changes possible.

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