So you’ve got a shiny new set of goals for 2022?

Do your goals for this year involve starting a bunch of new initiatives? Expanding your marketing efforts? Landing new clients? Offering new services?

Of course they do!

I’ve never seen a company founder whose goals were, “Let’s do the same things as last year – just a little bit better.” 

What do you think your team wrote for their goals?

If you could get a peek at the goals that your team members wrote for themselves, how many would you have in common with them?

I’ll bet a lot more of their goals looked like, “Same as last year, just better.”

Your team is focused on delivering services to clients in a consistent and valuable way, with the least effort.

Employees are happiest when things stay the same and change is incremental.

But if everything stays the same, the company dies

You are looking at the future, and you know change is coming. Hopefully, the goals you’ve chosen will ensure that your firm is well-positioned for that changing future.

The problem is, your team can only absorb so much change at once.

Unfortunately, COVID is creating change, schools, kids, and aging parents are creating change, and none of that is helping your business grow and prosper.

How can you help manage the pace of change for your team?

Change too fast, and you’ll create chaos, burnout, and turnover. Change too slowly, and you’ll be irrelevant. It’s a tough balance to strike, but that’s why you make the big bucks!

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