The most important 100 days in the year

From now until mid-December are the most critical hundred days of the year for owners of B2B Service firms. This is the time when clients are making big decisions about their priorities and budgets for the next year, and you need to be in those conversations with them. If you want to grow your business, you must be focused and effective in the next 12 weeks. So let’s stop and take an inventory of what might keep you from delivering in this crucial period.
  • Do you have the physical, mental, and emotional strength and stamina that you need to shine? 

You need to treat your health the way an Olympic athlete treats their body! This is going to be a demanding period and you need to be in peak condition. What do you need to do that?

  • Do you have a plan of attack and goals that give you an indication of progress?

Looking at your existing clients, do you know where you want to take them in 2020? Are you setting up those conversations now so that, come budget time, you’re in the discussion? Looking at new clients, do you have a target list of ideal clients who need to hear from you?

  • Do you have a clear value proposition and offer?

When you are knocking on those doors, is it clear how you are going to help the decision-maker you are reaching? Do you have one strong offer that you are making over and over? An offer that you are confident in delivering, that’s backed with robust case studies?

  • Do you have the team behind you that you need so you can focus on new business?

This next twelve weeks is an opportunity to catapult your business forward. Is your team set up to keep the wheels on the bus while you focus on growth?

If you can walk down that list, and check off each item with confidence, good for you! Load up your calendar with meetings and grow your business. If not, if there are some areas that you are unsure of, or that you flat-out know are failing at, then let’s get on the phone! (I promise, no sales pitch at the end.) I’m only offering this to engaged readers of this email conversation and only through the end of the week. Hit reply to schedule a free strategy call where we can try to get you where you need to be to land the clients you deserve this fall.

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