The most important next step to grow your business

“I’m trying to grow my business, but I don’t know what to do. There are so many choices, so many people telling me different tactics to try, what’s one thing that I can do?”

It’s easy to get down in the weeds when you are trying to grow your business. Suddenly, every tactic looks tantalizing, but you know you can’t do everything, so what do you do? You either try a million things (and finish none of them) or you stop, paralyzed by indecision.

If only there were some kind of map. An overarching picture of what growing a business looks like from startup to exit…

Well, I’m glad you asked!

For the last year, the Anchor Advisors team and I have been working on distilling our 20+ years of working with owners of growing creative service firms into a 4 phase framework that outlines step-by-step each change that businesses go through as they grow. (We’ve talked about that before.)

Just this week we’ve released an assessment to help you to locate where your business is within the four-phase framework. By discovering your current stage of growth, we can then identify the one thing that you need to focus on to accelerate growth.

We’ve seen the distractions and dead ends that folks run down. We’re hoping that by focusing on this one next thing it will make it easier for you to get to your goals.

Want to see how it will work for your firm, hop on over and give it a try. It’s only eight questions, give it a try.

Once you’ve got your results hit reply and let me know what you learned from the assessment.

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